Terms & Conditions



All work undertaken by Creative Interpartners for a Client will be estimated beforehand. Estimates are exclusive of VAT.


Contact Reports

Some decisions between the Agency and the Client will be recorded in contact reports, which will be sent through to the Client where necessary.

The Client will be deemed to be in agreement with the contents of the contact report unless amendments or changes are specifically raised with the Agency and a further amended contact report issued.


Design, copywriting, artwork, illustration etc…

A licence in respect of the design, copywriting, artwork, or illustrations will only pass to the Client on completion and final payment of the invoice for the work. Until such time all copyright remains with Creative Interpartners.

The Client may only use the work for the purposes for which it was carried our and any other use will not be withheld unreasonably. The Agency reserves the right to charge a further fee as appropriate.

All work that is carried out will be charged as per estimate, unless otherwise agreed. If during the project the Client stops the project, the Client is liable for cost of the hours and costs up to that point. If the Client decides not to use the work, after it is completed they will still be liable for the full and agreed fee.


Alterations, cancellations, specialist additional work

Artwork comprises of the material that constitutes the positioning and accurate detailing of material in readiness for printing or production. This will be supplied to the Client for approval and subject to approval the files will be passed onto the reproduction house or printers.

In some design instances specialist materials or print finishes may be required. These will be estimated and agreed before the work is undertaken.

It is the responsibility of the Client to check and verify any stated or implied claim contained in the copy as well as approving final copy prior to typesetting.



The copyright for all original images created remains with the photographer or photographic company unless specifically agreed otherwise – for an agreed fee.

The images can only be used for the purposes agreed in the estimate and for use solely within the United Kingdom unless otherwise agreed and in consideration of additional fees.

Restrictions of use, set out above in respect of images, applies also in respect of images, applies also in respect of the rights of models and others whose work was involved in production.


Photography cancellation costs

Costs, which may arise as a result of postponement of a photographic session, due to poor weather conditions or any unforeseen circumstances beyond reasonable control, are the responsibility of the Client. The Client is liable for all associated costs if the cancellation period is less than 72 working hours. If the cancellation period is greater than 72 hours, reduced fees would be negotiated in those areas where the loss could be reasonably mitigated.



All illustrations remain the copyright of the illustrator. The originals can, in most cases, be purchased for an extra fee. Samples of the artist’s work will be submitted with estimates for Client approval. Additional work or modifications to the original commission will be by arrangement and fee agreed by the Agency with the illustrator.


Stock Images

Search fees will be included in the hourly rate charged to Clients for sourcing pictures from a stock image catalogue. These search fees will be included in the estimate sent to Clients. The price for the images will be agreed with the Client before the image is purchased by the agency.



Where Creative Interpartners has undertaken to purchase and supervise the print and production of all designed items, estimates, as usual will be submitted for approval. These estimates may be subject to change as a direct consequence of a change in specification as the project develops or due to print and/or paper cost increases. The Client will be notified of any increase, which will be passed on by the agency.


Payment Terms

Unless alternative arrangements have been agreed in writing between the agency and the Client, payment must been made within 30 days of the invoice. Any invoice outstanding beyond this period will be referred to Daniels Silverman Limited and will subject to a surcharge of 15% plus VAT to cover the collection of costs incurred. This surcharge, together will all other charges and legal fees incurred will be the responsibility of the Client and will be legally enforceable. Late payments for whatever reason, will attract an additional 5% per month or part thereof.